Statice Website

From static to selling at scale, we can provide a website for all your needs. 

The Process

A static website is ideal for promoting your brand, such as an art portfolio or trade business. It is called a static website because it will not include any checkout/card payments through the site. 

If your user base would like to purchase through the site (instead of email or direct message), please look at our eCommerce packages, as that will take a lot of the stress regarding organising and payment security.  


The design phase for the website can vary depending on the number of pages and depth of content you want us to handle. 

We can offer wireframe designs based on your specifications, but we will ask for your sign-off before starting the development phase. 

An existing website can take 1-6 weeks by pulling many assets from the existing website to the new one. 

The other approach is to start from scratch and build it from the ground up with your input when needed. 


In the development phase, our team will create the main pages, from the landing page to the contact form. We aim to approve the design before this stage commences, and any changes can delay the development process. 

We aim for a 1-6 weeks development phase depending on complexity, and we will be able to send you updates to the site regularly. 

You can set up your domain or ask for this included in the set-up fees. 


The price of a static website tends to be cheaper. However, depending on the scale of the site, it can add up.

We can provide a quote free of charge after a 30-minute online meeting to discuss the project’s scope. 


We offer two options for support post-launch of the website: 

1. you can call us anytime you need support with our hourly rate of £30 an hour.

2. you can pay us a retainer fee for a minimum of £60 per month for 3 hours of work. This plan saves you £10 per hour, which can be increased to whatever you wish. 

An example of what we can help with is that you might have a new range of products you need help updating a few months later. We could do this as part of the retainer. 

* We try to make the website easy for you to manage from a day-to-day point of view so you can handle logo, banner and product changes, and we’re always happy to help.