Web Applications

A cross-platform application that suits different devices. Web applications also bring forward team coordination and assist with maintenance, editions and dynamic content, which is excellent for platform solutions.

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The Process


A rigorous testing phase is essential for ensuring the final product is reliable, functional, and meets your expectations. However, there may be cases, such as a rapid development process, where comprehensive testing is not feasible due to time constraints.

When that happens, our Quality Assurance team will prioritize the most critical tests:

  • Unit tests to check individual components of the software.
  • Integration tests to confirm that these components work well together.
  • System tests to verify that the system as a whole operates as expected.

In such cases, we may have to postpone or forego some aspects of testing, like extensive User Acceptance Tests or a full-fledged Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach.

While this approach can speed up the development process, it also increases the risk of encountering issues or bugs in the live environment. We encourage you to discuss with us to understand the testing phase and decide on the best approach for your project.

Project Planning

Our collaboration begins with a comprehensive project planning phase. This phase is designed to align our objectives, strategies, and tactics with your vision and goals for the project. We conduct meetings and workshops to gather your requirements and understand your business context. This phase involves drafting a project plan, defining the scope, scheduling key milestones, setting the communication strategy, and establishing risk management processes. The outcome is a well-documented roadmap that provides clear direction for the project execution.


We use state-of-the-art development tools and methodologies to bring your project to life. Our development process is transparent and collaborative, encouraging frequent communication and feedback to ensure alignment with your needs. Depending on the requirements, we use Agile (specifically Sprint), Dev-Ops or hybrid development methodologies. The development environment is isolated, ensuring that your existing operations are not disrupted during development.

Deployment and Support

Our engagement doesn’t end at deployment. We offer an optional add-on of ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the implemented solution continually aligns with your evolving business needs. This support covers many areas, such as troubleshooting, software updates, system improvements, and even staff training when necessary. We provide various tiers of support based on your specific needs, ensuring the enduring success of your project.

Please note that the deployment and support phase is an add-on service and requires a separate inquiry. We have structured it this way to ensure we can prioritize our support effectively and promptly and respond to your needs.