Custom eCommerce

From static to selling at scale, we can provide a website for all your needs. 

Custom eCommerce

Custom eCommerce is our premium package for those who have over 100 unique products or SKUs. We aim to improve your current sales and get you a clean and user-friendly site. Our mobile-first approach will ensure the website is suited for the modern day. 

Initial Phase

A custom eCommerce will need an in-depth planning phase before looking at design and development. 

We will want to have a complete rundown of your current operation, whether that’s through a site you currently manage or mail orders, for example. 

We will ensure nothing gets missed in understanding your site so we can offer you a fair and realistic time frame for completion. 


The project’s design phase will cover the home page, product page and any miscellaneous pages you will require. 

We can either design the site from the home page to contact forms and then begin the dev stage or do the design on a page-by-page basis so that each page is created after the procedure is signed off. The latter works best for smaller teams that need to approve the design.

The design phase is optional, and if you have a pre-existing idea, that will save significantly on time and cost for your site’s completion. 


Developement Phase

The development stage will usually take 4-10 weeks, depending on the complexity. This stage includes all pages on the site and testing of these by our and your team. 

The central part of this stage will be for us to communicate our progress and to ensure you’re happy with what is being developed. 


The price depends on the complexity of the project. We appreciate that some people prefer a ballpark figure out the gate. However, we want to allow for a range of clients which means the price can vary greatly. 

We can provide a quote free of charge after a 30-minute online meeting to discuss the project’s scope. 

We will always look competitive in the space and are confident we will offer a more than fair deal.


We offer two options for support post-launch of the website. 

1. you can call us anytime you need support with our hourly rate of £30 an hour.

2. you can pay us a retainer fee for a minimum of £60 per month for 3 hours of work. This plan saves you £10 per hour, which can be increased to whatever you wish. 

An example of what we can help with is that you might have a new range of products you need help updating a few months later. We could do this as part of the retainer. 

*We try to make the website easy for you to manage from a day-to-day point of view so you can handle logo, banner and product changes, and we’re always happy to help.